The Indiana alcoholic drinks and Tobacco Commission was available for walk-ins.

The Indiana alcoholic drinks and Tobacco Commission was available for walk-ins.

But to provide ideal customer care and lower wait hours, we strongly recommend one to create a consultation. Visits can be made here. Kindly come towards ATC with a completed program.

Moreover, clients are firmly encouraged to phone or e-mail the ATC to find out if their own inquiries is generally answered by one of the team initial.

Alcoholic Beverage Applications & Paperwork

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Minimum Smoking Pricing

Type II Video Gaming Legislation

Purpose Declaration

The overall purposes of the Alcohol & Tobacco payment’s efforts, as described by law, are:

ATC Information

Announcement – Scheduling visits on ATC: The ATC will open to people and visit. Visits are scheduled at. The ATC isn’t presently arranging same-day appointments. Please maybe you have confirmation amounts available at committed of your session.

Visits might be scheduled in 15 moment increments from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm making use of the final visit scheduled for 4:00 pm to 4:15 pm. Visits won’t be available on Wednesdays.

  • Appointment behavior: singular session might be scheduled at any given time to make sure that sufficient personal distancing is accomplished. At the time of the appointment, listed here directions needs to be implemented:
    • Buyer must submit all kinds and repayment ahead of arriving for a scheduled appointment. Solutions can be obtained online at and may feel complete just before visiting the alcoholic drinks and Tobacco payment organizations. When you have questions regarding the program, kindly call the best license processor by phone or email. A contact listing for Alcohol and Tobacco payment staff members are located at.
    • Visitors must enter the Indiana federal government middle South within general public entry off Senate road.
    • Buyer shall show toward building security from the entrance that client has actually an appointment using the ATC.
    • Buyer must wait at the community entry for a worker of the ATC to escort the customer into ATC offices.
    • The ATC personnel must put on a mask while in the whole session.
    • The ATC worker must escort the consumer into ATC lobby while watching a 6 foot distance.
    • The ATC buyer will continue to be within the ATC lobby and the ATC staff member will remain regarding employee section of the cup windows throughout the appointment.
    • The ATC staff may wear gloves throughout visit but it’s recommended of the Indiana state dept. of wellness to clean arms or make use of hands sanitizer appropriate connections making use of market.
    • The ATC client should continue to the marking inside lobby to make certain a 6 foot social distance.
    • The ATC customer may need to means the windows to change papers after which come back to the mark-on a floor.
    • No cash or mastercard money should be recognized.
    • The ATC employee must escort the client back once again to the general public access to leave the building.
    • Individuals won’t be enabled inside the government heart without a companion.

    SEE – your most recent COVID-19 appropriate revisions please visit the ATCa€™s COVID-19 change webpage.

    Statement – to the special Sale of submission Rights: After general public hearings including testimony and written opinions, the Indiana alcoholic drinks and Tobacco Commission, in a unanimous choice, learned that the purchase of special submission liberties does generate a restricted interest across sections and it is inimical with the provisions of name 7.1. The commission furthermore chosen that the choice would not be used retroactively.

    Observe – Since December 20, 2019, the national appropriate era for purchasing tobacco and vape services and products grew up from 18 to 21 years old. While the ATC are waiting for further guidance from Food And Drug Administration on when as well as how federal administration associated with the law change might be applied, it firmly promotes retailers to come into conformity with the newer national minimum.

    In interim, the ATC works making use of Indiana standard Assembly this coming legislative program to amend parts of the Indiana rule required for the ATC to implement the brand new federal minimal. Added changes will be provided since they are gotten from authorities.a€?

    See – reading Announcement: The liquor and cigarette payment, at 1:30 p.m. on January 29, 2020, at 302 W. Arizona road, Room E112, Indianapolis IN 46204, will make an attraction hearing about the issuance of an alcohol allow, enable #RR14-35639 Jimmya€™s craft Shop, LLC 20 S. E. fourth road, Washington IN 47501.

    See – The Indiana alcoholic drinks and cigarette payment is offering the skill for worker permit candidates and permittees to print their very own license off their certification homepage. Permittees will no longer need to spend the ten dollars reissuance fee to the liquor and Tobacco percentage, they may be able reproduce a reissuance whenever you want from the web site. Kindly guide the screenshot below.

    Discover – The Indiana liquor and cigarette fee understands america Supreme Court decision produced in Tennessee wines & spirit merchants connection v. Thomas. The payment is reviewing the viewpoint to ascertain just how, if at all, the decision will bearing Indianaa€™s alcohol laws and regulations and permittees.

    Observe – The Indiana alcoholic beverages & cigarette percentage therefore the Indiana State Excise authorities mention the start of the SPEED regimen (Proactive alcoholic beverages Compliance administration).