Introduction to OpenGL: A 3D Text Making Tutorial.

Introduction to OpenGL: A 3D Text Making Tutorial.

With time, the race between DirectX and OpenGL has brought about these systems to be a lot more available to designers, with better documents and a simpler means of getting to grips with them. This tutorial post shows you how to create a 3D modeling program that generates and makes 3D messages from individual inputs.

Making use of option of equipment like DirectX and OpenGL, composing a desktop computer software that makes 3D areas is not too hard these days. But like other systems, discover sometimes obstacles rendering it difficult for builders trying to get into this niche. In the long run, the competition between DirectX and OpenGL features caused these technologies to be more handy for builders, with better documentation and an easier process of getting a skilled DirectX or OpenGL developer.

DirectX, released and managed by Microsoft, are a technology certain with the house windows program. However, OpenGL was a cross-platform API for all the 3D layouts arena whose requirements was maintained by Khronos cluster.

In this introduction to OpenGL, I will explain how exactly to write an easy to use software to give 3D text products. I will be making use of Qt/Qt originator to apply the UI, which makes it easy to compile and manage this program on multiple programs. The foundation laws from the model built for this information is available on GitHub.

The purpose of this simple program will be produce 3D designs, save them to a document with a simple format, in order to open up and give them on monitor. The 3D design during the made scene will likely be rotatable and zoomable, to offer an improved sense of degree and aspect.


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Before getting started, we are going to must plan all of our development surroundings with many useful hardware for this venture. The first thing we want is the Qt framework and pertinent tools, that is certainly installed from This may also be available throughout your running systems common package manager; if that is the case, you might like to sample with it initially. This informative article need some knowledge of the Qt platform. However, if you are not familiar with the platform, be sure to you should never become discouraged to follow along, given that prototype depends on some pretty insignificant top features of the platform.

You’ll be able to use Microsoft Visual business 2013 on house windows. If so, kindly make sure you are by using the appropriate Qt Addin for artistic business.

At this point, it is advisable to clone the repository from GitHub and follow it just like you read this post.

OpenGL Analysis

We shall start by generating an easy Qt program task with one document widget. Since it is a bare-bones widget, putting together and run you won’t produce nothing of good use. With Qt designer, we are going to incorporate a File selection with four stuff: New, Open, Close, and Exit. You can find the laws that tie these selection items to her matching actions in the repository.

Hitting New should popup a dialogue which will check something similar to this:

Here, the consumer may enter some text, decide a font, modify the resulting model height, and create a 3D model. Hitting Create should save the product, and ought to in addition opened it if individual decides the correct solution from lower-left area. As you can determine, the goal here’s to alter some user inputted book into a 3D model and make they on the screen.

The project may have a simple framework, together with equipment might be destroyed into some C++ and header data files:

Includes utilization of class that allows creation of 3D world unit item.

OpenGL Implementation

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For brevity, we shall miss the evident information on applying the user screen with Qt fashion designer, plus the code determining the actions from the entertaining characteristics. There are certainly even more interesting elements of this model software, ones which aren’t merely crucial but relevant to 3D design encoding and making that people desire to include. For instance, the first step of changing text to a 3D design in this prototype involves changing the text to a 2D monochrome picture. As soon as this image are created, you can know which pixel for the image types the text, and those are simply just empty area. There are some simpler methods for making standard book utilizing OpenGL, but the audience is taking this process to protect some nitty-gritty information on 3D making with OpenGL.