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Honey, There’s A Snake In The Bathtub!

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bathtub stoppage hedgesville wv

Well, it’s not a real snake, so don’t be worried about that. And this is not a snake that will be going into your bathtub. It’s not necessary for the plumber’s bathtub stoppage hedgesville wv work. For one thing, it’s got your attention. And another, here’s how it works, and why. These are special snakes that a specialist plumber will be using. He will also be using cameras. In your bathtub? Obviously not.

Read on. A sewer drain camera goes into the sewer. It can also be inserted into drain systems. It inspects the condition of the pipes and its innards. And what will the plumber find? Could be tree and plant roots that have penetrated the drain pipes, and these, quite literally, need to be stopped up. There will more than likely be plenty of grease from your kitchen sink pots and pans. This is why your drains are so blocked up.

They need to be cleaned out. And this is what the snakes do. The snakes can clean out clogged drains and pipes. And on second thoughts, why not the bathtub too. If the snake can go down the kitchen sink, it can go down the bath’s plughole too. This is necessary too. Lots of things down there that could have caused the bath’s drainage system to become clogged. Months or years of accumulated hair.

Just think of it. It’s inevitable. All that washing and scrubbing. Even flakes of skin can accumulate. And then there is this. It is called an RF transmitter. It is also called a locator. And by dint of its name it is able to locate underground pipes, septic tanks, tubing, fiber optic lines, phone cables, even gas lines, and you name it.